1506246_10101263575825937_1196431458_oTechnology is everywhere, today. Gone are the days of making it home in time to watch your favorite program, or packing several books for a plane ride. There is no need for a separate tv cabinet in the astrovan, or the extra-long, coiled cord for the phone receiver in the kitchen. No need to carry the paper boarding pass, or even cash. I grew up pounding the chalkboard erasers on the brick siding of the school building, and, now, ask my students press the “off” button on our classroom Smartboard. I used to read books huddled in the corner of the library with my childhood friends, and, now, connect with educators worldwide via The Educator’s Book Club on social media.

My name is Frankie (Frances) Robinson, and I am in awe of this fast-paced technological progress in our world. I am a teacher, and am a self-proclaimed, life-long learner of all things related to education. With all of these technological influences in the world, the world of education is going to have to keep up. I want to be a part of this change.

Welcome to my on-line portfolio! Here, I have listed several examples of my use of technology in education.


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