Video Conferences

In the past couple of years, I have video conferenced with people around the world for various education related topics, ranging from Smartboard integration to educational book studies.

adobe-connect-logo hangouts Unknown

Most recently, I have been utilizing Adobe Connect and Google Hangout as a means to connect educational authors with their readers. The author and I host the discussions, while the members participate using the various pods available, such as chat and Q&A. Although I am a host of the discussions, I never view myself as an expert on the topics being discussed. I consider myself more of an interviewer with a deep interest in learning to improve my skills in education. (Links for these discussions are provided either on Twitter @edsbookclub or Facebook.)

I have, also, video conferenced with schools to improve their familiarity with Smartboards. In this case, I shared my screen with the other members of the discussion via Adobe Connect, and navigated the tool bar of Smartboard, while, simultaneously, giving detailed explanations of what I was doing.

share my screen adobe connect

Video conferences have broadened the plethora of knowledge available to me, and I enjoy meeting with and learning from all of the new people I am able to connect with in the world of education.


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