Student Led-Tech Projects

The world is changing quickly, and we are preparing our students for a future we, yet, to know. Our future is full of technology yet to be invented. Knowing this, I choose to teach my students 21st century skills that will help them in the future.

Student led-tech projects do not necessarily need to be big projects. They can be small and integrated into daily instruction. Below, is an example of a simple project that I used in my class this past year.


This past year, I changed how I taught vocabulary. Instead of drawing a picture of the word, or using it in 5 different sentences, I asked for a video. The video was to consist of several images that pertain the vocabulary word. I used the website,, since the students were able to navigate it easily.

Through this activity, the students were so engaged in finding images that represented their vocabulary words, and creating mini videos. Depending on whether or not time permitted, we would watch each other’s videos and try to determine which vocabulary word was represented.


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