Charles R. Drew Charter School, my former and current employer, has a partnership with Smart Technologies. As such, we have a certified Smart instructor at our school.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.48.39 AM

After voluntarily attending a 6 week course for SmartBoard, I began to create unit plans within the program. Each Smartboard lesson I created would be organized. Within one file, I would utilize the tabs however I deemed fit for the unit being planned. For example, if I were planning for a 5 day lesson, I may create tabs within the lesson for Monday through Friday. Or, if I were creating a more extensive unit, I may organize the lesson based on the subcategories within the unit.

Each lesson I created for Smartboard would contain various forms of content, ranging from games to videos to tutorials. Often times, the content would be self-made. For example, I may create a “magic wand” on the program for the students to find mystery objects or words. What appeared to be magic to the students was truly just a trick using transparent modes with contrasting backgrounds.  Or I would utilize the dice or interactive charts provided in the media gallery. We may use these tools for classroom management or academic purposes. The uses were endless!

Other times, they may be content I found on-line and would project on the board. In these cases, we may take a virtual tour through National Geographic’s virtual field trips, or going on a virtual scavenger hunt using QR codes. In each case, I made decisions based on the needs of my students.


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